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Court Orders Saratoga County Father to Pay 50% of Daughter’s Tuition

The Court required the Father to pay half of college expenses based on his imputed income and denied any credit for child support payments.

Posted by Gordon, Tepper, DeCoursey on Mar 23, 2020

Tax Act’s Impact on Spousal Maintenance, One Year Later

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act eliminated the Federal income tax deduction for the payment of spousal maintenance. Attorney Eric A. Tepper discusses some of…

Posted by Gordon, Tepper, DeCoursey on Jan 27, 2020

Husband Not Entitled to Share in Appreciation of Real Property

Showing that Husband worked to improve property is not enough. Need to show that improvements contributed to appreciation in value.

Posted by Gordon, Tepper, DeCoursey on Jan 06, 2020

Father Awarded Custody Where Mother Alienated Child from Father

Court concludes that child's preference to stay with mother is the result of mother's alienating behavior, awards custody to Father

Posted by Gordon, Tepper, DeCoursey on Dec 24, 2019

Warren County Husband's Share of Assets Reduced by $99,000

Husband’s “ongoing pattern of conversion of marital assets,  refusal to contribute to marital debt and continuous wasteful dissipation of marital assets” resulted in the Husband…

Posted by Gordon, Tepper, DeCoursey on Sep 16, 2019

No Credit for Money Paid to Ex-Spouse Without Contract

The Court denied ex-husband credit for $100,000 paid to ex-wife for her interest in marital residence because there was no written contract for the sale.

Posted by Gordon, Tepper, DeCoursey on Aug 22, 2019

Do I Have to Pay Child Support in Addition to College Room & Board?

Your obligation to pay for college room and board in addition to child support may depend upon where you live in New York State.

Posted by Gordon, Tepper, DeCoursey on Aug 19, 2019

Pension Credits "Bought Back" Are Marital Assets

Police officer's pension credits "bought back" to enhance pension benefit are marital assets, but benefits from time served prior to marriage are separate property.

Posted by Gordon, Tepper, DeCoursey on Aug 13, 2019

Co-Parenting: Helpful Hints by Nicole Helmer Simon, Esq.

 Guidance on how to co-parent with your former spouse or significant other such that your stress levels are reduced and your relationships with your children…

Posted by Gordon, Tepper, DeCoursey on Jul 25, 2019

Ten reasons to get a lawyer for Family Court

The attorneys at Gordon, Tepper & DeCoursey, L.L.P.  represent litigants in a variety of local Family Courts as our offices are located conveniently in the…

Posted by Gordon, Tepper, DeCoursey on Jul 22, 2019

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