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Adopting a child is a great act of love, however, an overwhelming adoption process and complex law frustrate many prospective parents. 

The adoption attorneys at Gordon, Tepper & DeCoursey, LLP can work to ensure your adoption goes smoothly.

Our family law team in Glenville, NY, can help you adopt in-state, nationwide, or even internationally. 

What Is Adoption?


Adoption is the process of a person who is not a child’s biological parent assuming the rights and responsibilities of parenthood under the law. There are many types of adoption, such as step-parent adoption or private adoption. Our lawyers can help you understand your options and protect you and your family’s rights throughout an adoption. 

Our Qualified Adoption Lawyers Protect Your Family's Rights



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We are working them on an adoption case and we have been met with love, grace patience etc. The process has been smooth sailing fast and efficient. We feel like old friends really. It's extremely processional but also casual where it needs to be. We feel safe protected and fought for. It does not feel like we are just a number and they are out to get our money

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Types of Adoption Our Lawyers Handle

There are many types of adoption for you to choose from. Navigating these types on your own can feel impossible due to varying state, national, and international adoption laws. Our attorneys have helped people throughout the Saratoga region with the following adoption categories: 

Agency Adoption

Agencies follow certain rules, regulations, and protocols, which can be comforting for prospective adoptive parents. You may choose private or public adoption agencies. Our attorneys can review and explain each agency’s requirements before you make your decision. Determining your eligibility now can prevent serious frustration later. 

Independent Adoption

Not all domestic adoptions have to go through an agency. If the biological parent or parents wish to put their child up for adoption, they may choose independent or private adoption. This adoption may be open or closed, depending on what the biological parent or parents request. During these cases, it is especially important to have an attorney help you understand your adoption agreement. 

International Adoption

Depending on the country you seek to adopt from, you may be subject to certain legal limitations. For example, you may have to meet age limits or marriage status specifications. Some countries do not allow adoption from LGBTQ+ couples or individuals. Our attorneys can advise you regarding international adoption fees, immigrant visas for your child, and more. 

Relative Adoption

If you are related to a child by blood, then you may be able to pursue a relative adoption. Step-parents and those related to the child by marriage can also pursue relative adoption. A key obstacle our team can help you overcome is obtaining the voluntary or involuntary dissolution of the child's current parent or guardian's rights. 

Adoption Is Possible For Many Types of Familie

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Whether you are married, in a partnership, or single, you can adopt a child. Those with a child, multiple children, or no children at all can also be eligible. You may have different options than other prospective parents, but our caring and professional adoption lawyers can help you explore the possibilities.

Reach out to our New York office to learn more.

The law protects both adoptive and birth parents, giving them these two important legal options.

Qualifications matter. Our work earned us recognition from U.S. News & World Report as one of the “Best Law Firms”

Protect Your Family's Future With a Highly Rated Adoption Lawyer

Years of family law practice are irreplaceable. During our decades serving adoptive parents, we have earned many honors. These include being listed on New York Super Lawyers® and earning the best possible peer rating from the esteemed attorney evaluator Martindale-Hubbell®

We deeply understand the adoption process and are proud to use our knowledge to help families create strong foundations for happy futures. By ensuring the legal process of adoption is done correctly, new families can step forward with stability and peace of mind

Call or write to our Glenville, NY, office to speak to our adoption attorneys today. 

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We have helped families with processes like international adoptions, private adoptions, and relative adoptions. Our lawyers can assist clients in Albany, Schenectady, and Glenville, NY, with understanding the law and achieving their adoption goals.



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Let me start by saying this. I would not be where I am today if it was not for this firm. Ellie is hands down is the ONLY attorney I will use if needed in the future, and I will recommended her to anyone looking for guidance in any legal matter. Absolutely the best of the best! Over a year and a half of fighting a custody and support matter, Ellie was always in perfect communication and was always on point. She kept me on track, made me step back and think things through, and explained things in a way for me to understand completely. She always looked out for the best interest in myself and my family. I do not regret a single thing that has happened in this case because of her. Again, I could not be happier or more thankful! Thank you so much for everything!!! Darren D

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Establishing Your Parental Rights 

Adoption law can ensure that you have parental rights, even if you are not the child's biological parent. Before you can adopt a child, the rights of their biological parent or parents will likely need to be terminated. 

The process of terminating and transferring parental rights can differ greatly. In some cases, a state agency has already assumed responsibility for the child and you must navigate their bureaucracy. In others where parental rights are voluntarily terminated, it is still wise to have a lawyer representing your interests. 

Adopting a child in New York can be a very complicated process. Our highly rated lawyers understand this and strive to make adoption seamless. From answering your questions about the law to fighting for your growing family's rights, our Glenville, NY, lawyers can provide the stable foundation both parents and children need. 

Will Birth Parents Still Have to Pay Child Support After an Adoption?

No, a birth parent or birth parents will not owe child support.

Because adopting a child typically means a parent or parents' legal and financial obligations are dissolved, they will not have to pay any further costs.

Our Adoption Attorneys Serve Parents Throughout New York

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